Mary Cronin
Counsellor for Central London

Psychodynamic Counselling/Therapy in Liverpool Street, Central London

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Mary Cronin (MBACP Accred. UKRCP) - Psychodynamic Counsellor/Therapist

I am an experienced, professionally trained and qualified psychodynamic therapist/counsellor and supervisor and DIT (time limited therapy) practitioner, based in Liverpool Street, London.

I have many years experience of clinical practice providing focussed, short-term and open-ended longer term counselling. I also provide one-off consultations.

I have in-depth experience of working as a therapist, with a broad range of concerns and difficulties and have continued to develop my clinical expertise through further training and professional development in specific areas.

I am a qualified psychoanalytic supervisor and have approximately 10 years experience of supervising trainees and qualified psychodynamic practitioners.
I have also supervised professionals who work in related helping professions who feel that the psychodynamic approach and understanding can support them in their work.

In addition to private practice, I have over twenty years experience of working with both staff and students in higher education.

I have in-depth experience of working with people from all walks of life and from socially and culturally diverse backgrounds.

I am committed to providing counselling/therapy in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment. I work to to the BACP Code of Ethics.
Link to BACP Ethical Framework

Psychodynamic Therapy/Counselling:

provides an opportunity to talk about difficulties in a safe and contained
environment with a trained professional.
My experience has taught me that talking to someone who is trained to listen and respond to your concerns in a particular way, can be helpful. It may not necessarily 'cure' you or change the past, but it can often allow you to move on in your life and can facilitate further positive change.

We can all face difficulties in our lives at some time or another and can find life
and relationships difficult at times.

Sometimes these difficulties resolve themselves without the need for outside help but sometimes they persist.

Sometimes these difficulties are generated by recent life events such as change, relationship issues, bereavement or job loss.

Sometimes they arise from the accumulation of feelings and problems that have occured throughout life and have remained unresolved and can be experienced as anxiety, depression, lack of self esteem or problems with identity, work and relationships.

Sometimes you may not feel you have a specific difficulty, but you may feel a sense of dissatisfaction or that you are stuck in your life or you would like to improve the quality of your relationships and how you deal with life's challenges.

Therapy/Counselling provides an opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings within the
safety of a therapeutic relationship, which can in turn help you to process unresolved feelings, gain insight and understanding and can facilitate positive change.

I am experienced in helping clients who have experienced difficulties with :
- Anxiety and Depression
- Self Esteem and Confidence
- Stress and Low Mood
- Panic Attacks
- Identity
- Blocks to Creativity and Learning
- Relationships and interpersonal problems
- Sexuality
- Traumatic Experiences
- Bereavement and Life Crisis
- Career Development and Redundancy
- Work Problems
- Stuckness and Transitions
- Self-harm
- Eating disorders
- Unresolved Issues from Childhood
- Personal Development

My practice is based within a few minutes walk of Liverpool Street Station on Bishopsgate and is within easy reach of The City of London, Barbican, Holborn, Islington, Shoreditch, Spittlefields, Clerkenwell, Smithfields, Hackney, Dalston, London Bridge, South Bank and Southwark and Canary Wharf.

What happens when you contact me?

I will usually offer you an initial consultation consisting of one or two
appointments at my Liverpool Street office.

I will explore with you why you would like help, answer any questions you may have and think together with you about what the best way forward is in addressing your needs.

I will consider other alternatives e.g. a referral with you if it is felt that counselling/therapy does not fit your needs at this particular time.

Many people can find the consultation in itself therapeutic or that it helps them to
clarify their situation in a more active way.

By the end of the consultation you will be in a better position to decide whether to
continue with counselling/therapy

If we decide to work together we will consider whether to work in the short or long
term and agree a regular time to meet and a fee. Appoinments normally take place at
the same time each week and last 50 minutes. We can discuss fees when we meet.


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